SlideShowImg5This year an interesting pamphlet called Passages was included in the neat little plastic pack of handouts visitors receive as they enter the Christmas Village at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

So what is Passages? It’s a 35,000 square-foot interactive multi -media  exhibition for adults and children currently in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It features some of the most amazing and rare biblical manuscripts, printed Bibles, and historical items in the world. You’ll stand mere inches away from hundreds of ancient artifacts that have made a huge impact on history, civilization, and faith.

Here’s a short-list and brief outline of the amazing exhibits:

  • Qumran Cave: Where you can see a full-scale facsimile of the Isaiah Scroll as well as three original Dead Sea Scroll fragments
  • The Jewish Scribe Room: Among other things you’ll view the oldest known portion of Genesis from the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Christian Scribe Room: Contains the earliest Christian evidences of Scripture and culture.  You’ll see one of the earliest near-complete Bibles in the world, mostly written in Jesus’s home dialect of Palestinian Aramaic
  • Jerome’s Cave: Where you can try your hand a scribal practice and copy Scripture by candlelight
  • European Translations: Set in a medieval peasant’s hut you’ll see the earliest efforts to translate the Bible into everyday languages around the world, including an undocumented, illuminated and pristine copy of Wycliffe’s New Testament
  • Gutenberg’s Print Shop: Where the highlight item is the entire book of Romans from a first edition Gutenberg Bible.  You can also operate an actual working replica of Gutenberg’s press
  • Reformation Theater and Early Reformation Bibles: Including a handwritten letter by Martin Luther written before he was excommunicated by the Church
  • King James Version of the Bible:  Set in the Jerusalem Chamber in Westminster Abbey you’ll see the first edition of Jing James Version Bible, 1611
  • Corrections: Visit the shop of Robert Barker, printer to the king. The highlighted item in this exhibit is 1631 Wicked Bible is the King James version of the Bible with a an egregious error in the seventh commandment, “thou shalt commit adultery”. This is an interactive exhibit where you can try correcting the printed text and help the printer as he works in his shop
  • Tent of Discovery:  Touches on recent archaeological discoveries and how they impact our understanding and translation of the text. The highlight item in this exhibit is a mummy mask that researchers found to have been constructed using biblical papyri

If you decide to include it in your Christmas vacation activities,  you’ll get $5 off the cost of admission.

Click on Passages  to visit the web page where you’ll be able to plan your trip.

There’s also a Facebook page.


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