trakdot-thumbThere’s a newly launched gadget on the market which tracks your luggage during a trip that should allay some of the lost buggage fears every time you check one in at the airport. It’s called the Trakdot Luggage Tracker from GlobaTrac LLC and acts like a homing beacon to monitor and locate your bags anywhere in the world in real time with Apple, Android, or SMS-capable mobile devices.

The idea is to enable you to keep track of your bags as you make your way through different airports to ensure that your luggage is actually moving along with you. The Trakdot gadget is slightly larger than a deck of cards and powered by two AA batteries. It can easily fit inside a bag and stays charged and you’ll already have an idea that AA batteries have a reasonably long life.

Users register their devices on the Trakdot website and toss it in their bag. Location updates via SMS texts or email. A single device can be linked to multiple phones or one phone linked to multiple devices. Your luggage can be monitored in real time from the Trakdot website or with a free app. There’s another app that can alert users when their luggage is close to arriving at the airport baggage claim.

The company-owned GSM frequency to detect its location has been approved by the FAA and there’s an effective security measure just in case someone grabs your luggage from the baggage claim by mistake.

This is a neat device and I was surprised to learn that one device costs US$49.95 with a a one-time activation fee of $8.99 and a service fee of $12.99 per year.

Click on Globatrac to learn more about it.

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