After some bad publicity circulated about AncestryDNA, it looks as though the company is making progress moving things in the right direction. The company reporting that their autosomal DNA test is one of the best on the market and they are continuing to improved their ethnicity prediction models by deciphering the unique language of the human genome. They are also employing some of the top geneticists and acquiring the latest technology to help determine what the human genome can tell us.

AncestryDNA says there is no genetic dictionary, but they are building one by analyzing the genetic signature of people who have a long cultural history in a specific country or region, have spoken a certain language, and practiced a single religion.

I’m wondering at this point if there are “industry standards” in this midst of all this discovery, especially since it means big business to everyone involved. To be more specific I’m wondering if all companies participating in this type of research are identifying each discovery with their very own identifiers.

That said, there’s a lot more to the story and I encourage readers to read the interesting and well-written article on the Ancestry blog, which offers hope for more accuracy in the field of ethnic predictions. This is good news.

Click on Ethnicity Prediction: Learning to Speak Genetics.

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