The Department of Human Services in Albert Lea, Minnesota is planning to digitize about five million pages worth of old adoption records, some from the late 19th Century.

As we know, with all the resources available these days, looking into your past has become one of our favorite pastimes.

It’s not quite so simple for people who were adopted and leaders in Minnesota are hoping to make things easier for people who were adopted to find their roots.

Even if adopted parents are great it’s natural for people to be curious about who and where they came from. It can sometimes be about a health issue that turns out to be genetic. And, this was the case with Stephen Helleksen who has a family of his own and is hoping his past will help him to learn more about his family’s health.

If you’d like to read about the new digital project and know more about Mr. Helleksen’s story click on Digitizing the Past. There’s also an interesting video in the article.

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