New England town maps are more useful to genealogy researchers than county maps. now has maps showing each town and the town’s neighbors in New England , New York, and Canada. Thanks to Wiki contributors eventually maps will be clickable by town so a click on the map will take users to the page detailing the records of the town.

So far Wiki maps have been added for:

  • Connecticut:  8 county maps with 169 cities or towns
  • Massachusetts:  14 county maps with 351 cities or towns
  • New Hampshire:  10 county maps with 13 cities, 221 towns, and 24 unorganized townships
  • Rhode Island:  5 county maps with 8 cities and 31 towns
  • and most of Maine:  12 of 16 county maps with 22 cities, 435 towns, 33 plantations, 424 unorganized townships, and 3 Indian reservations.

Similar Vermont maps might be added in the future.

Click on New England town maps in the Wiki to learn more including some facts learned about New England towns and lessons learned by the author of the blog post.

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