dnastructureTo celebrate the first anniversary of their DNA testing program, MyHertitage is offering significant discounts to make DNA tests more affordable for all their users.

A year ago they teamed up with Family Tree DNA and from experience and research I think they are currently the best (FTDNA). See my original article click on: MyHeritage the world’s largest family genealogy network now offers DNA testing.

The discounts are available for a limited period and if you’ve been considering having a test for a while, now is the time. Although I have to mention, the Y-DNA 12 marker test is a starter test regardless of vendor and won’t really tell you much. The Family Finder test is a good deal at the low cost of $169 instead of $289.

MyHeritage says:

For a very limited time, we’re offering the Family Finder test at the low cost of $169 instead of $289. Additionally, we’re offering a 10% discount on all DNA tests (other than Family Finder) for our Premium subscribers and 15% off for our PremiumPlus subscribers.”

The Family Finder test uses autosomal DNA from your mother and father approximately within last 6 generations.

A significant price reduction is also offered on the Comprehensive Genome test US $598 down from $797. This test is the most comprehensive and highest resolution DNA test.

To learn more about the DNA tests and what you can expect, click on MyHeritage All DNA Tests.


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