scottish-lion-rampantPeople of Medieval Scotland is a wonderful free resource that you might want to take a look at if you have Scottish ancestry or an interest in Scottish history.

The database holds all information assembled about every individual involved in actions is Scotland from documentation written between the death of Malcolm III on 13 November 1093 and Robert I’s (Robert the Bruce) Parliament at Cambuskenneth on November 6, 1314.

The boundaries of Scotland changed around the time of King Robert the Bruce, therefore, for the sake of consistency, the database covers all the territory that had become part of Scotland by the death of Alexander III—The Isle Man and Berwick are included but the Orkney and Shetland Islands in the North are not.

The database draws on over 8600 documents from the time frame are directed by one or more individuals to others by name or in general terms to structure the database according to the formal aspects of the documents with potential to be used as a way of researching the way social relationships were mediated by the documents themselves as well as a source of information.

There’s so much more to explore and I found the website a truly fascinating. It’s filled with information for historians and genealogists alike.

Click on People of Medieval Scotland to visit the site. I’m also adding the link to my Blogroll. also has a blog post on this subject plus the following interesting links to several family trees:

  1. The Scottish Royal Family, 1093-1286
  2. Descendants of Earl David of Huntingdon, 1093-1286
  3. The English Royal Family
  4. Manx Royal Family

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