librariesThe  satirical shows on late night TV could have a field day with this one. The point of view in an article I’m about to share with you is so blatantly self-serving that it’s almost humorous. Although we have a problem with library budgets in the US, the critic in this case is a best-selling children’s author and whose books are the seventh most-borrowed children’s writer in the UK.

Terry Deary says that libraries “have been around too long” and are no longer relevant. This  horrible writer writes “Horrible Histories”. He says they are a drain on taxpayers and authors. Hmm. See what I mean?

He claims that he’s not attacking libraries, just the concept of entitlement that allows people to read books for free at the expense of authors and council tax payers. “This is not the Victorian Age, when we wanted to allow the impoverished access to literature.” I’ve got news for Deary——we still have impoverished people all over the world who rely on their public libraries for literature, research and other important stuff to improve the quality of life.

Unlike other authors throughout the U.K. who have come together to protest the closures of their local branches, Deary remains adamant about his point of view. As you can probably imagine,  Deary has been getting a lot of hate mail.

“As one of the most popular library authors – his books were borrowed more than 500,000 times during 2011/12 – Deary will have received the maximum amount possible for a writer from the Public Lending Right scheme, which gives authors 6.2p every time one of their books is borrowed, up to a cap of £6,600.”

He appears also to blame public libraries for brick and mortar bookstores closing down. Most of us do understand that this is not the cause of bookstores closing down. I’ve written about this before so based on my research, regardless of location, I know that public libraries are not the cause of the demise of the brick and mortar bookstores.

If you’d like to read the article click on  I say, “Oh Deary”—please pardon the play on words.


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  1. Cindy says:

    Shame on him! Of all the taxes paid the library taxes have never been considered a burden.

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