Progeny Genealogy has an interesting lineup of family tree charting software, which gives the ability to create beautiful charts of your family history in records time.

Probably the most interesting in the line-up, which includes timeline charts and family maps,  is Progeny 3D Family Tree. It’s the only program with the ability to display your family tree in three dimensions giving you a whole new insight into your roots. Photos of your relatives—if you have them—brings the tree to life.

When you visit the site you can see samples and there’s a how-to video to show how easy it is to navigate.  You can publish your tree on the Internet in X3D or VRML format (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and the software reads:

  • Family Tree Maker
  • Personal Ancestral File
  • Legacy
  • Ancestral Quest
  • Roots Magic

There’s a robust informational systems requirements chart which covers a lot of key areas.

Currently you can purchase a download for $29.95 US—the regular price is $34.95 US.

I’ve always found printing a problem but with this 3D software you’ll likely achieve a great visual impact on your computer screen, and if you have the technology a big screen TV.

If you’d like to take a look at the site and view the instructional video, click on Progeny Genealogy.

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