I recently included MyHeritage.com in a recent post “Facebook may be great but there are other social networking alternatives for genealogists” as one of the most popular social networks on the web for family genealogists. The latest news posted on the PRWeb describes the release of a new online history game by MyHeritage.com as a fun way to create multi-generational interest in family history. It’s free and one of the first ever online family tree games..

Based on each user’s family tree, the game automatically generates lovely and personalized picture cards of living relatives and ancestors. The rules are typical of a memory card game and users can compete with another family member or individually against the clock. Players can even use a web cam to produce a live picture of themselves in one pair of the cards.

The game is a wonderful way for young people to learn about their ancestors and to introduce them to genealogy. Families who enjoy the online version of the game can actually order printed cards from MyHertiage.com for playing on-the-go. Good examples of this would be family reunions and vacation travels.

MyHeritage.com’s new partnership with AncestryGames.com made this game possible and a deck of handmade personalized cards costs as little as $20.00 plus shipping. The printed cards feature up to 30 relatives with a total of 60 cards and include information on each card if listed on the family tree.

If you’d like to see an image of the game click on the following link Family Memory Game.

To read the complete article click on PRWeb

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