suspended-coffeeAlthough it may sound like the latest publicity trend, suspended coffee is definitely a heartwarming idea  first born in the cafes of Naples, Italy.

The idea is for customers to be able to put down coffee money for a homeless person. A customer-in-need can then later ask if there is a “suspended coffee” available and have a hot drink without having to pay for it.

Suspended coffee has gone viral in a big way, but some say it seems unlikely that the tradition will gain traction in trendy coffee houses here in the United States. If the word is spread, our local cafes may take up the act of kindness and start “suspending” coffees.

Starbucks has a list of reasons why this is not a good idea—of course!  Not so great for the poor souls who really need a cup of hot coffee and have no money to buy one. Click on Starbucks Melody to see the reasons. You might agree.

Click on Facebook to take learn more about it. Snopes says it’s real. What better to make you feel good as you start your day.


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