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All the statutory birth, marriage, and death indexes for 2012 have been made searchable on the ScotlandsPeople website. By law, all births in Scotland have to be registered, and local authority registrars send the original register pages to the National Records of Scotland (NRS) for permanent preservation in paper form. NRS then arranges for the pages to be digitally imaged for public access via ScotlandsPeople. In addition to searching names in ScotlandsPeople, you can learn more about the changing popularity of names using other resources of the National Records of Scotland.

Exploring changes in naming conventions in Scotland – babies’ names in 2012
graphic for babies namesYou can gain a fascinating insight into the most popular and unusual names for babies registered during the period from January to November 2012 by looking at “Babies first names 2012” on the National Records of Scotland website.

For the eighth year running, Sophie is the most popular girls’ name, and Jack the favourite name for boys. Emily, Olivia, Ava, Lucy and Sophie make up the top five girls’ names, while Lewis, Riley, James, Logan and Jack make up the top five names for boys.

During those 11 months, NRS registered births for around 26,400 girls and 27,700 boys. The top 50 girls’ names account for 41% of the registrations, and the top 50 boys’ names account for 44% of the registrations. There were 4,222 different first forenames for girls and 3,157 for boys – which shows just how many forenames exist in Scotland. Of the grand total of 7,400 different first names for girls and boys, almost 4,800 were unique.

You can read the full and final lists of all babies’ first forenames for the whole of 2012 – refer to tables 4 and 5. Going further back it is fascinating to see the most popular forenames changing since John and Mary ruled the lists in 1900. You can also learn about surnames in Scotland during the 140 years up to 2003.

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