I’m a huge fan of Superman and recently discovered that he has a fascinating history.

The character was created by two Cleveland, Ohio, high school students, writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, in 1933.

It was especially interesting to learn that Superman was originally created a bald clairvoyant villain disposed to world domination. The character first appeared as a short story in a “fanzine” published by Jerry Siegel, in 1933, called Science Fiction: The Advance Guard of Future Civilization #3  and titled “The Reign of Superman”.

Later in 1933 Siegel changed the character to that of a hero bearing no resemblance to the clairvoyant evildoer. Superman was remodeled on a combination of the silent film star, Douglas Fairbanks Sr. (May 23, 1883 – December 12, 1939), his bespectacled alter ego, on movie star and producer Harold Lloyd (April 20, 1893 – March 8, 1971), and Joe Shuster.  

The name “Clark Kent”  was created from the first names of movie stars Clark Gable and Kent Taylor. Lois Lane was modeled on Joanne Carter who became Siegel’s wife.  

The character was sold in 1938 to Detective Comics, Inc.  (later DC Comics) and Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June 1938) subsequently airing in various radio serials, television programs, films, newspaper strips and video games.

You can recognize him (just in case you come from another planet) in his blue costume, red cape and a large red and yellow “S” shield on his chest.  

He was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton and was rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father Jor-El only moments before Krypton’s destruction. He was adopted by a Kansas farmer and his wife and named Clark Kent.

He started to display superhuman abilities at an early age which he resolved to use for the benefit of humanity when he became an adult. Superman lives in the city of Metropolis and as Clark Kent he is a journalist of the city newspaper called the Daily Planet.

Very early “Clark” started to display superhuman abilities and upon reaching maturity he resolved to use them for the benefit of humanity. Superman lives and operates in the fictional American city of Metropolis. As Clark Kent, he is a journalist for a Metropolis newspaper called the Daily Planet.

With the success of his adventures, Superman helped to create the superhero genre and establish its primacy within the American comic book.

Click on the video below to see the trailer of Superman: Unbound , scheduled to be released “June 14, 2013, on Blue-Ray, DVD, On Demand and for Download.” Looks great for 5 to 100 age group.

Superman: Unbound is  “Based on the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank 2008 release “Superman: Brainiac,” SUPERMAN: UNBOUND finds the horrific force responsible for the destruction of Krypton – Brainiac  descending upon Earth.”

Man of Steel is coming to movie  theaters on June 14, 2013.

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6 Comments on Superman: What you might not know about him

  1. Jennanne says:

    Great information! Everyone knows Superman. However, how he came to be isn’t widely known. Thank you wholeheartedly !!!

  2. Joanne S says:

    Very interesting! It’s also great to know there’s something coming out to keep the kids occupied in the summer. Wow! Superman: Unbound.

  3. Isaisis Martinez says:

    I found this site while looking for release date of Man of Steel and found myself wondering–what’s a Spittal Street?–That said, I was happy to learn about the history of Superman–1933 Wow!–thanks for the lesson.
    I clicked on the Superman Unbound link and see that 2 of the ladies from Castle are part of it. All the ladies are great on that show, but Molly Quinn has an internal warmth that the others don’t have that has nothing to do with her red hair it just shines through. I agree with the comments above.

  4. Tom T. says:

    Wow 1933! He’s 80 years old already.

  5. Tin Lizzie says:

    An influence on early Superman stories is in the context of the Great Depression. We need Superman today just as they did in the 1930s.

  6. Al DiP says:

    A very nice history lesson and I agree with Tin Lizzie we do need Superman today, if only to escape to Fantasy Land for a while. That’s what we do it’s an escape from reality–gamers, science fiction.

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