uv-of-edinburghSome up-to-date news from ScotlandsPeople:

The University of Edinburgh is looking to create an online archive that contains stories told by Scots-Italians about Italian emigration to ‘Scozia’. 

exciting project will be organised by Professor Federica Pedriali, who is the director of the ‘Italo Scots Research Cluster’ at the university. Although Scots-Italians are one of the oldest immigrant communities in Scotland, amazingly, this is the first time that the idea of creating an archive of their stories has been proposed. 

If you would like to get involved in the project, you can contact Professor Pedriali and her team at the
the Italo Scots Research Cluster.

Also, if you are “Using the 1895 Valuation Rolls to break through an ancestral brick wall – please get in touch!
We’re currently working on the 1895 Valuation Rolls (VRs), which we plan to launch shortly on the ScotlandsPeople website.

We’re hoping that the 1895 Valuation Rolls will help those customers whose ancestors appear in the 1891 Census, but ‘disappear’ by the time of the 1901 Census. So we’re looking to find a couple of interesting examples that we can highlight when we launch the 1895 VRs. In short, we’d like to try and find these ancestors for you, by searching the 1895 Valuation Rolls.

So if you think that the 1895 Valuation Rolls might well contain a missing ancestor of yours, then please drop us a brief email at press@scotlandspeople.gov.uk. Thank you!

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