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FamilySearch is pleased to announce the first Tree Share Certified applications for Mac OS X and iOS computers and mobile devices, MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree.  Charting Companion for FamilySearch is now Tree Access Certified.  “Certified” means the product is compatible with and has features that conforms to our strict standards of quality.

Tree-Access-Iconor Tree Access (tree read only) indicates that FamilySearch Family Tree data can be read from the partner’s application.

Tree-Connect-Iconor Tree Connect (tree read and writing of sources) indicates that you can attach references about your ancestors to records, images, stories, and other media found on the internet. These attached sources of evidence can be viewed by anyone using FamilySearch Family Tree.

Tree-Share-Icon or Tree Share (full tree read and write) indicates that you can reconcile tree data between the partner’s product and Family Tree.



MacFamilyTree is now Tree Share  certified for Mac OS X computers.  MacFamilyTree 7 gives genealogy a facelift: It’s modern, interactive, incredibly fast and easy to use. MacFamilyTree helps you collect and record facts and data about your family history and turns them into informative reports and charts. MacFamilyTree 7 comes with countless features to record and visualize your family history – use them to create reports, charts or nifty 3D views within our Virtual Tree feature. MacFamilyTree has been translated into a total of 15 languages.




MobileFamilyTree is the first Tree Share  certified application for iOS Devices.  MobileFamilyTree 7 is perfect for anyone wanting to get into mobile digital genealogy. This is the first application that brings FamilySearch Family Tree compatibility to your iPhone or iPad. There is no need for a computer – comprehensive and modern genealogy app fully independent of Mac and PC! Use our powerful app to do your genealogy on the go! Create or edit your family tree with the help of an intuitive graphical interface or use a number of convenient charts and reports to record every little family history detail. Take photos or videos of your relatives directly from within the app.






Charting Companion  is now Tree Share  certified. View, customize, print and publish your family history. Choose from an incredible variety of formats and more than 16-million color options. Browse through generations of FamilySearch Family Tree using the onscreen tree views. You can customize your charts: choose the number of generations, the events to include, the content of your box charts, date format, photos, etc. Save charts in a range of file types for sharing and printing.


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Diamond-markThe diamond mark indicates products that were previously certified for

Check-MarkThe check mark indicates products that are now certified for Family Tree

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