iOS-vs-AndroidHas Apple branded too well? While this may be true with their proprietary operating system, there are so many devotees it really won’t matter regardless of any comparison with the Android platform. Or, will it?

Apple is certainly ahead of the field in the smart phone race and, according to many, it will always have a problem appealing to most of the techies out there. The major reason being that iOS is often seen as an unfriendly product when it comes to compatibility and some great “stuff” won’t ever appear in any device not created by Apple.

Android is an open source system and seen by developers as having a user friendly platform that plays well with others. Most people believe that the can buy an Andoid device and use with any other device they want without having to worry about compatibility. This makes it better than iOS.  Perhaps.

Open source means that anyone with the knowhow can make changes to the basic functions and capabilities of the Android system. This allows app developers to work more easily with the platform and potentially create a huge breakthrough on how it all works. Millions can work together to make Android better while Apple remains within its own boundaries.

According to reports iOS is a bit unwieldy and the exact opposite is true with Android because it doesn’t require the in depth knowledge required by iOS so more people can make apps faster with Android.

Personally, I think the big turn off for people in regards to Apple products is the price.  While there are definitely people happy to pay for an Apple product—I wonder why?—this limits who will actually buy them.  With this mindset I suppose iOS used in Apple will probably reach a limited about of people. Except that everywhere I turn people are carrying iPhones or sending out an email from their iPad.


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