TARDISTARDIS means “Time and Relative Dimension in Space”. It’s the time machine and spacecraft in the science fiction television program Dr. Who and all its spin-offs.

When the program Dr. Who was first developed in 1963 by the BBC, I was watching and loving it and so was my dad. The story is about the adventure of a time travelling humanoid alien known as the Doctor who explores the universe in his TARDIS, a watchful time travelling space ship.

When the program was being developed in 1963, in order to keep the Doctor’s time machine within budget, it was decided to make it resemble a blue British police box (telephone kiosk used by the police). The inside of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior and can blend in with its surroundings. Using the ship’s “chameleon circuit” it transported the Doctor to anyplace tardis-eggin time he wanted to go.

Although the idea began as a creative ploy to save time and money on props, TARDIS became a genre convention in its own right as the old-style police box was phased out of use. As a result, TARDIS has become the show’s most consistently recognizable visual element.

So what has Google done?  Enfolded in one street-view image of what appears to be a police box, a Google Maps Easter egg actually allows you go inside the TARDIS.

Google Maps users who search for “police telephone box, England” are transported to the iconic blue police box on the Earl’s Court Road in London and looks like/is TARDIS. Users can virtually explore the inside the main room (not the Doctor’s library or River Song’s swimming pool).

To make it easy and fun for you to view, click on Tech Crunch to follow the directions provided by Greg Kumparak.

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  1. Mary Fields says:

    Wow!Dr Who has been around a long time. Many of today’s fans weren’t even born when it started.

  2. Tiger Lilly says:

    Love this post. Checked out the feature on Google. Very cute. Love Dr. Who.

  3. Molly O says:

    Love when U do the sci-fi and superhero posts. This is very interesting.

  4. Tin Lizzie says:

    A very nice and concise learning experience.

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