There’s a very interesting post on MyHeritage blog and I’d like to share it with anyone who might have missed it. It actually outlines my own conclusions (and I say this with humility) drawn over three years ago—you’ll see the truth in this statement on my “About”  page on this blog.

The MyHeritage post is an interview with Dr Modesto M. Alonso, a psychotherapist, who lives in Argentina. Don’t be alarmed at the moniker “psychotherapist” because the interview is not complicated but draws some very illuminating and yet simple observations that most people can relate to.

It’s interesting to learn right up front that Dr. Alonso started to explore his family as part of his own therapy. It was also important for him to understand the background of his patients so that he could help them.

Even if one happens to grow up in a nurturing and supportive family and, at the same time, have a vague sense of something being out of kilter, it’s wonderful therapy to start looking into past generations. There’s never a piece of the puzzle missing, only a blurring of the edges.

Our identity does stem from those folks who came before and struggled through difficult times to make things better for their children and descendants. When one reaches that aha moment, that moment of clarity when everything slides into place, you actually do feel a more defined connection and ability to understand events of the past.

It’s also true that it can, in addition to being rewarding, be painful, annoying and surprising and I’ll say with tongue in cheek to those who create chaos in the effort to find themselves–study genealogy.

Yes. I know not always that simple, then again maybe for some people it is.

Here’s the link to the MyHeritage blog post. I hope you find the article interesting.

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3 Comments on MyHeritage interview on genealogy as an aid to help psychotherapy

  1. LInda Gartz says:

    I know that I’m fascinated by what I’m finding in my search because it reinforces some things I knew about family members but also reveals some dramatically different truths!

  2. Marg H says:

    This is absolutely true and discovery can leave you breathless. By knowing who your ancestors were and how they might have been shaped by the times the lived in gives you a whole different outlook. I’ve found a new purpose in writing a journal which I used to look upon as a frivolous activity. Someone in the line of descendants might be looking…

  3. Jan P says:

    After having participated in TA (Transactional Analysis)therapy for several years, and achieved success; I can only say that researching my ancestry and following it to some amazing places – has been a fantastic ‘topping’ to my ‘healing myself’. I find it empowering !!

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