I’d already noticed that Google is much improved at offering direct answers to questions? Yesterday, Google celebrated its 15th birthday and told the world about their latest search algorithm update—Hummingbird.

Hummingbird’s impact affects almost 90% of sites worldwide, so that makes it the biggest update since 2009—Caffeine.

A few weeks ago, they quietly flipped the switch on their new search, which focuses on parsing searches as heterogeneous questions, I find it interesting that the change was only mentioned yesterday(9/27) at an event hosted in the garage that Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented as Google began to be successful. Google was founded in 1998.

Other things announced include a tweak to Google’s Knowledge Graph to allow it to handle comparison questions like,“Which is better for me fresh veggies or canned veggies?”, as well as Push Notifications for Google—Now on iOS.

It has been reported that there were plenty of questions from the audience on how it all worked but Google avoided getting into technical details. Although they did say that this was the biggest overhaul to their search engine since Caffeine in 2009.

The video below explains what Hummingbird is and tells you what to do if it affects your site’s ranking:

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3 Comments on Google celebrates 15 years with the launch of their new search algorithm Hummingbird

  1. Jonathan M says:

    Good catch! I’m glad you add different types of articles. It keeps it all interesting.

  2. Tin Lizzie says:

    I wonder what the downside is for the end user. But, I do like the change so far. The instructional video is very good.

  3. Archie Paterson says:

    This is a very interesting post. I too am glad to see you diversify. Genealogists and historians need to be up to date with the latest technology too.

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