Lloyds-coffee-houseIt was announced yesterday, that the world’s oldest running newspaper Lloyd’s List will stop the presses and go digital only after 279 years.

The paper, known as The List, was started by Edward Lloyd the owner of Lloyd’s Coffee House in London, England, in 1734 started as a notice pinned to the wall of the coffee house. It was a reliable but cryptic source of information for merchants’ agents and insurance underwriters who frequented the coffee shop and used the shipping news.

Today, as well as shipping news, Lloyd’s List covers marine insurance, offshore energy, logistics, and global trade laws. For the shipping industry it is often considered its conscience and the international casualty reports continue to be one of the publications most important features.  The digital version on the Internet will be updated frequently with this information.

A survey found it had only 25 customers who still wanted the printed version, so The List will print its last edition in December of this year. Readers and subscribers moved to its digital offerings, which include a website and apps for smart phones and tablets.

Although little has changed in the paper’s 279-year history, The List has followed the natural evolution of other printed publications. Instead of reading it in Lloyd’s Coffee House people can read it digitally in any coffee shop in the world.

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  1. J.Carruthers says:

    I remember learning about Lloyd’s List at school. It’s amazing that it’s still around. I’m sure the coffee shop owner would never have thought that his shipping news post would still be around in 2013.

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