Followers of this blog certainly know is not a political platform. That said, like most of the citizens of great Republic I’m concerned about what’s been happening these past few weeks regarding the Debt Ceiling and the Affordable Care Act (affordable to whom?–throw ’em all out) and decided to draw attention to yet another ongoing situation.

The folks at Fight for the Future and Demand Progress released a great five minute video about how the NSA spies on the public, narrated by actress Evangeline Lilly (the video also relies heavily on fair use to make its point).

The video debuted in New York City last night and was broadcast from Washington Square Park in Manhattan. If you haven’t been closely following the news, it’s consice an easy to understand summary of what’s going on regarding our 4th Amendment rights. Check it out

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3 Comments on NSA surveillance: A tool for tracking everyone

  1. Tiger Lilly says:

    Clear and concise. Very good and very scary. Puts Halloween in the shade.

  2. Julian J says:

    Wow! An excellent reminder that the mess is coming at us from all angles. BTW one person signed up for Obama Care in Alaska…

  3. Jennifer F says:

    Very scary that the government is watching every move we make. Our 4th Amendment rights are definitely being violated. Unfortunately, it will only get worse, not better because most likely nothing will change. Not a free country anymore.

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