Deceased Online says:

“On Wednesday 9th October we changed some aspects of the way the Deceased Online (DOL) website works. For most users the differences in day-to-day use of the website will be minimal, as the changes are limited to the way documents are priced and how you pay for them. Effective prices will not change.

Summary of changes to pricing

  • Instead of 10 pence Credits, you now purchase Vouchers for varying Pounds Sterling amounts. These are similar to store vouchers and book tokens and except you don’t have to spend the whole value in one go.
  • The cost to view records is now shown in Pounds Sterling, not credits.
  • If you buy higher value vouchers, extra bonus amounts will be added to your account, which will be used towards the cost of viewing documents.
  • The tax point has been moved to the time of purchase of viewings, with a receipt available on demand for each viewing, via your viewing history.
  • Any existing credits in your account have been converted to vouchers at the full face value of 10p each, even if you paid less for them originally due to volume discount .

These changes are explained in more detail here.

We trust you will find the transition straightforward, but don’t hesitate to use the new website help pages and FAQs if you have any questions.

Other changes

  • You can now search on cemetery or crematorium within a county or borough, as an alternative to burial or cremation authority. This is available in advanced searching.
  • Clear Search and Last Search buttons are available with advanced searching.
  • A Coverage link is now in the top menu, to make it easier to see which parts of the UK are currently included in our database.
  • Better help is provided when the name you are searching for isn’t found, with easy access to our FAQ on the subject, and to hints on how to use wild cards.
  • Several minor bugs and design issues have been fixed.”

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