identitytheftKannon Yamada has written a simply excellent article, How to Get Your Identity Stolen in One Easy Step.  It really is a must read for everyone.

In the article Mr.Yamada explains how to take care of your personal information in a way that is easy to follow and a real eye opener with a few surprises for all of us.

You’ll learn that stealing someone’s identity doesn’t take a lot of intelligence, or a lot of effort. You’ll also learn about Ophcrack  a Linux-based Live USB/CD that recovers passwords without users having to understand much about computers. Then there’s Recuva a tool that can undelete data you’ve sent to the recycling bin, even after emptying it. Recuva  exploits a loop-hole in how operating systems erase data in order to preserve performance. Information isn’t deleted after you clear the recycling bin.

There’s plenty more. To read the article click on How to Get Your Identity Stolen in One Easy Step. You might also want to bookmark Kannon Yamada’s blog, it’s packed with useful information.

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