The following information was included in the ScotlandsPeople newsletter”

“Inhabited House Tax Rolls from 1778 to 1798 are the latest fascinating resource to have been added to the ScotlandsPlaces website. These Tax Rolls offer history researchers a valuable insight into 18th Century life, while genealogists can use the records to find the names of ancestors throughout Scotland together with the annual value of the houses they held.

tax rollsThe tax rolls include all houses valued over £5 per annum and include people with more common professions such as bonnetmakers, shoemakers, innkeepers, skinners and wrights. Other tax records available on ScotlandsPlaces relate to carriages, carts, clocks, watches, dogs, horses, servants, hearths, shops and the infamous window tax.

To find out more about these new records and to view two examples, including the entry for James Boswell at Auchinleck House in 1783, follow this link.

N.B. when viewing these two large example images of Inhabited House Tax Rolls on the ScotlandsPeople website, just click on an image to enlarge it further.”


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