Microsoft has finally launched new Office for iPad software. People have been asking for it since the iPad launch day in 2010. The new apps are currently available for anyone to download, but if you need it to be fully you’ll have a recurring cost of $5 a month. It is probably worth the investment if you need it, but not necessary for the average tablet user. As with anything computer it’s a good rule-of-thumb to get what you need to function instead of what you would like to have.

The following basics come from TechCrunch:

  • Free (but editing requires a $5/mo Office 365 subscription)
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint support in separate apps
  • Cloud autosave and collaboration (but not real-time concurrent)
  • Available in 135 markets in 29 languages

Product info page


  • Reads all Office formats perfectly for free
  • PowerPoint offers presentation mode free


  • Full functionality requires recurring $5 monthly commitment. Sounds like a bargain to me.

Click on the Mashable video for an in-depth review:


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