The following announcement comes from FamilyTree DNA:

“Family Tree DNA, a subsidiary company of Houston-based Gene by Gene, Ltd, announced that it has run over 1,000,000 DNA test kits for genealogical and anthropological purposes.

This impressive number was achieved during Father’s Day week, and included samples obtained through a partnership with National Geographic’s Genographic Project, established in 2005 with the goal of uncovering the ancestor origins of human beings and understanding, through our past, how the human race has evolved.

An example of what can be achieved through Family Tree DNA’s technology in relation to better understanding the evolution of human beings is last year’s landmark discovery by Gene by Gene scientists of an “Ancient Root to the Human Y Chromosome,” as reported by BioNews Texas after the discovery’s publication in a scientific journal.

Another anthropological study using DNA testing is the increased understanding of disease profiling of certain ethnic groups that makes them vulnerable to some diseases and immune to others.

In addition to man’s origins, FTDNA also works to obtain family-matching information for individuals. With the Family Finder test, which is available to the public, an individual can be provided with detailed information about his or her family background five generations back by comparing his or her DNA with the DNA of other users in Family Tree DNA’s massive database.

This service is seen by the company as an important resource for adopted people and their descendants, three million of whom live in the U.S. alone, to discover more about themselves and to be able to understand where  they originally come from.

The Family Tree DNA division of Gene by Gene operates the largest genetic genealogy database in the world and has provided more than 5 million private genetic tests.”

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