The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Canadian Genealogy Centre is definitely the best place to visit to begin your Canadian family research. Access is free and the website gives clearly points you to where you need to search.

I’m sure most of us appreciate websites that manage to provide a wealth of information and yet maintain a remarkably uncomplicated user interface. This is one of those sites.

The Library and Archives of Canada itself is also an interesting site to visit and I’ve invested time to enjoy it. Like all national archives this one preserves Canada’s documentary heritage. In addition to document archives, it has sound and audio-visual materials, photographs, artworks and electronic documents.

The library announced on December 2010 that within the next seven years that they will put most of its services online just in time to celebrate the Confederations 150th anniversary in 2017.

Click on the link Canadian Genealogy Centre to visit the site.
Also, click on Library and Archives of Canada .

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