I read a very interesting article in the “Nevada Appeal”  about a 28-year old Carson City man, Paul Sebesta, who made it a mission to document every historical marker in Nevada from the Las Vegas neon city to the most remote old mining towns to find markers “usually blue, made of steel and shaped like Nevada”.

The entire project  of more than 80,000 miles took 5 years and two sets of tires to complete. What an interesting journey!

Sebesta has memorized the official number and location of every marker and has a story about each one. One of his favorite trips was to Ione, in Nye county “The Town That Refused to Die”.  Formerly the county seat of Nye it now has a still proud population of 25.

The most difficult marker to find was the gravesite of Emmet Derby Boyle, the first native-born governor of Nevada, who took office in 1914 at the age of 35.

Here’s the link to Paul Sebesta’s interesting web site www.nevada-landmarks.com.

And the link to the Nevada Appeal article written by Brian Duggan.

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