With so many family genealogists out there diligently finding tons of important information, many of us unwittingly place our valuable findings at risk and lose our hard work to hard drive crashes, disk death and obsolescence.

In the past only royalty kept family records, now everyone can find and store information on their home computer. The not so good news is that about 45% of people don’t back up their files and about 43% of computer users lose important data every year.

Perhaps it’s not so much that we don’t think about, it’s just something that we often believe can be saved until later. The simple process of backing up files is actually considered a chore.

Here’s a link to an article written by Sharon Haddock in the “Mormon Times” on this subject, which offers some a number of common-sense solutions.

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2 Comments on Beware the Digital Dark Age and some common-sense solutions to safeguarding your data

  1. Susan says:

    I use Mozy (Mozy.com) backup — first 2GB is free, and if you have more than that an annual subscription for home users is about $50. There are other services out there with similar offers. You can set backups to go automatically, and then never have think about it again! (I am in no way associated with Mozy except as a very satisfied customer.)

  2. Jake says:

    Susan left an interesting comment. I’m looking into Mosy.com and have also been looking at Carbonite too.

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