Sandy on December 3rd, 2012

Ancestry.com has published the following Instagram Facebook contest to celebrate the holidays. To access the contest you have to click “Like”: “As family historians, we always wish our ancestors had documented and passed down more. Especially around the holidays as I spend time with family, I think of my ancestors more than ever. What was […]

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If you’re a regular Facebook user as well as a family historian you’ll be interested to know about Ancestry.com’s new future that allows members to use Facebook to add information and new people to family trees: “We are excited to announce the release of a new feature that allows Ancestry members to use Facebook to […]

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The National Genalogical Society (NGS) very recently announced a new partnership with Funium owner of the Facebook game Family Village. Players will be able to explore their family trees by accessing NGS resources and research aids. I previously wrote about Family Village in my article Family Village new Facebook® Platform game now open to public. […]

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The National Genealogical Society (NGS) is cracking down, with good reason, on folks recording presentations at the NGS Family History Conference. Without prior written permission, the NGS will not allow “audio recordings, still photograph, video recordings, or written transcripts”. You can still communicate via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or blog at the conferences, but only to […]

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Google’s announcement of big changes to its privacy policies on Tues, January 24, is raising big concerns about potential user profiling and access to user information. What does this mean? According to reports it could mean when you search via Google, the company could, or will, (depending upon your point of view) use their activities […]

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Sandy on November 26th, 2011

The British Newspaper Archive has a Facebook page where you can read some interesting entries including some of the classic writers, assassination attempts on Queen Victoria, etc. Here’s a copy of their recent blog post with links to Facebook and Twitter– You can also sign up for their newsletter as follows: “To give people some […]

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According to an article written by Emil Protalinski of ZDNet, Facebook says it knows who’s behind the pornographic spam attacks of the last few days and is working with its legal team to ensure that the perpetrators do not go unpunished. To date, Facebook is keeping the identities of the perpetrators under wraps. The social […]

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Although Facebook and the FTC declined to comment yesterday on a Wall Street Journal report that a settlement is close in the Facebook privacy case. This privacy case has been ongoing for the past two years and the outcome could radically change the way Internet companies manage user information. You might remember hearing when the […]

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As I’ve said in the past, you’re going to be seeing some technology posts on this blog, so I guess today is technology day on SpittalStreet.com Today LinkedIn shared some information about an epic rant about Google’s incompetent handling of the new Google+ platform. “Google+ is not a platform like Facebook. It’s trying to dictate the […]

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Here’s the latest sweepstakes information from Ancestry.com: “Ancestry.com has just announced a massive expansion of the world’s most extensive searchable collection of U.S. school yearbooks available online. It now totals over 35,000 and carries 155 million records encompassing the years 1884 to 2009. The U.S. Yearbook Collection includes close to seven million images from thousands […]

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An article published on LinkedIn reveals yet another privacy concern with Facebook and I’d like to share it with you.  And, I agree with the author that it’s “the scariest thing I’ve seen all day”. It’s a ranking algorithm probably based on whose profile you look at, who you chat with and who you’ve recently […]

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Sandy on July 11th, 2011

On June 29, I blogged about Google+ challenges to Facebook in the realm of social networking and, as an old IT person I check to see what’s new in technology on a regular basis not only for my own benefit, but also to share technology  on SpittalStreet that might be of use to genealogists. According […]

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Sandy on June 29th, 2011

Online giant Google has unveiled its new social networking project Google+. It’s a huge project that aims to place all of Google’s services on one social platform. It hopes to be a strong rival to Facebook to take first place in social networking. Similar to Facebook’s notification bar Google has redesigned its nativation bar to […]

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The first social game tied to real-world family history is now available. Did you know that more than half of the people on play games on Facebook? World Vital says: “Funium announced today the immediate public availability of its free Facebook game, Family Village. Family Village is the first Facebook® Platform game to help players explore their real […]

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