With millions of records being created every day, we are mostly aware in age of digitization that records can disappear a lot earlier than in the paper world. It’s been a difficult transition to get our minds to accept the inevitability of a paperless society and especially difficult for a government bureaucracy that survives on […]

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The saying “dead man walking” didn’t cut the mustard in comparison to what Tremayne Gray had to experience. Mr. Gray’s plight is one that is similar to thousands of Americans who are mistakenly reported dead every year by the Social Security Administration or other federal agencies. Illinois reportedly has one of the highest rates of […]

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The following copied from the National Archives and Records Administration website to help spread the word  about a media conference scheduled by the NARA to take place on April 12. The discussion is one on how technology could improve access to government information for all. It’s  free and open to the public but registration is required. […]

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“Over 8,500 pages of UFO discussions, sightings and reports have been released today by The National Archives. Covering the years 2000-2005, this is the largest batch of UFO files to be released so far. The files document how UFOs became a global issue, discussed by the highest levels of government around the world, including the United […]

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